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3714 Carson Avenue, Evans, CO 80620
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+1 970-353-2298


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Greeley Collision & Restoration


  • RaiderWolf92
    Apr, 02 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    While customer service was fair dealing with the advisers, having to take my vehicle back several times to have them correct stuff they messed up, or forgot entirely, was completely unacceptable.

    The first time we used them after the big hailstorm, having our Hood, roof, and lift-gate replaced along with paintless repairs on the entire left side; the window seals where not reinstalled correctly, the door trim on the outside rattled because it was missing clips, the hood was not lined up correctly at all and was difficult to close, and there is now a leak in the roof in the back of the SUV.

    Second time we used them after the liftgate was heavily damaged;
    They failed to match the paint color, and their excuse was it was more expensive than they quoted us to match the paint correctly. That almost killed me. Then after having that corrected, we had to return a second time because they didn't install the grommets for both harnesses going into the body from the lift-gate (allowing water onto the headliner), they forgot to plug the third brake light in, and they applied the "Jeep" decal on the gate wrong. Not to mention, to top it off, when they returned the vehicle for the final time, there where hand prints and smears all over the rear window.

    I am never going to visit or recommend this business again. One mess up, alright what ever. But Several mess ups, on two completely separate visits, they are not even trying.
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